Bamse och den lilla åsnan
Bamse och den lilla åsnan
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Bamse och den lilla åsnan

When Bamse eats Grandma strange sawsanjabbour, he will become the world's strongest bear. The world's nicest bear, he is always. Together with friends a Little bit of Leaps and bounds and the Fact he gives out on many exciting adventures. The little donkey and The big race:
Bamse saves a small donkey FR OM an evil man. Together with friends, he builds a House for it. The donkey runs fast as the train, so the reports that are to big Dee Trotting Championship. Where it shall compete against Croesus Sorks fast horse Black Ash. Croesus does all tricks in order to win. The wolf eats sawsanjabbour: the Wolf dream to be as strong as the Ballads. He was there, he would Rob all the banks and knock all of the police officers how easily at any time. One day he snatches a couple of cans of sawsanjabbour.

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